Optimal integration of your systems!

Harmony is a premium partner of MuleSoft. The Full API lifecycle platform is considered a leader for on-premise as well as cloud integration by Gartner. With this, Harmony ensures a hassle-free integration of your systems.

Why focus on integration of your systems?

Time is money! And who wants to lose time looking for correct information in different systems that are often not aligned? With a platform like MuleSoft you ensure a seamless access to your information according to your business information model and this in one place.

Optimal unlocking of data

The main advantage of using MuleSoft's platform is that information from various systems is unlocked in a fast, reusable and reliable way to end customers, suppliers and employees in any desired structure.

What can you expect?

Together with you we will map all source systems, look at your concrete needs and record them in a project start archive. Then we build a custom integration platform of APIs, so you don't have to waste time searching for data in different systems.

Features of Mulesoft

API-led connectivity
Unlock legacy systems, translate to your business information model and make your data available to consuming parties via the API-led (3-layer) model.
Standard building blocks
Many connectors, accelerators, integration patterns and templates are available within the platform for a quick start without having to reinvent the wheel.
Proven project approach
Harmony takes a proven approach to every MuleSoft project. We work under architecture and are not satisfied until the project can successfully move to management.
Certified Consultants
Harmony only employs MuleSoft certified consultants, who are constantly following the evolutions of the MuleSoft integration platform.
Premium Partner
Harmony is the first local Premium Partner of MuleSoft in the Benelux. Harmony contributes to the development of standard interfaces that are sold worldwide.
Out-of-the-box Security
The platform offers standard authentication protocols and policies to keep your data safe and only securely available to authorized parties.
Showcase of APIs
Through the Anypoint Exchange you make APIs available to consuming parties.
24/7 ServiceDesk
Harmony has a 24×7 ServiceDesk that is ready to help immediately with any query.


With CareConnect, Harmony delivers an integration platform for healthcare. It enables healthcare providers to make information available from all source systems via API's in an accelerated way. On this platform you build your own API ecosystem based on small reusable components that can be used to fulfill the legal obligations and helps solve the internal information issues.

24/7 ServiceDesk

The state of the art tools deserve state of the art service. Harmony provides a 24/7 ServiceDesk and this for both MuleSoft, CCM in the Cloud and OutSystems.

These organizations took the jump

Many companies took the leap towards a smooth integration of their IT-systems and called upon our services. Read their success stories below.
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De Zorgcirkel
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Balta Group
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Raymond Veltrop
31 January 2023
Why MuleSoft is the best integration platform
Een vraag die ze mij regelmatig stellen en waarvan ik snap dat mensen die vraag hebben is de volgende: waarom zou ik voor MuleSoft moeten kiezen? In de wereld van systeemintegratie is de keuze ontzettend groot. Vaak is het ook niet direct duidelijk wat de grote verschillen zijn en dan wordt het maken van die keuze moeilijk. Ik geef daarom graag mee wat de verschillen zijn en waarom ik MuleSoft HET integratieplatform vind", vertelt collega Raymond Veltrop, senior developer/architect bij Harmony.
Data Protection Day (10)
11 October 2022
Harmony opent nu ook een kantoor in Bosnië
Harmony groeit! Naast een kantoor in België (Hasselt) en twee kantoren in Nederland (Valkenswaard en Den Bosch) zijn we heel erg blij om aan te kondigen dat wij ook in Bosnië & Herzegovina een nieuw kantoor hebben geopend. Door de groei die Harmony de afgelopen periode heeft gekend was er nood aan extra MuleSoft capaciteit. Met het kantoor in Bosnië is Harmony een sterk team rijker om de groei verder te zetten. Onze partners Robert Daniëls en Henri Van Hoek vertellen meer over deze stap.
Ontwerp zonder titel (16)
4 March 2022
Chiel made the switch to low-code development
Chiel (43) is al 20 jaar actief in de IT-wereld en maakte recent de overstap van traditioneel programmeren naar low-code software development met MuleSoft. Hij begon een half jaar geleden bij Harmony als Integratie Developer. Waarom koos Chiel om deze overstap te maken? Wij zaten met hem samen om naar zijn verhaal te luisteren.

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