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Why MuleSoft is the best integration platform

A question they ask me regularly, which I understand people have, is this: why should I choose MuleSoft? In the world of system integration, the choice is incredibly large.  Often it is also not immediately clear what the major differences are and then making that choice becomes difficult. So I like to share what the differences are and why I think MuleSoft is THE integration platform.

The biggest differences

If we go into the market, there are 3 main groups into which we can divide integration solutions based on certain characteristics:

  1. The group "tactical iPaas. ' Mostly point-to-point connections between requester and answerer and limited reuse.
  2. API managers. Proxy-like use cases with limited linking and orchestration capabilities.
  3. Multiple individual products that must be combined to provide a total solution. Complex to manage.

This subdivision is based primarily on how solutions to an (integration) problem are given and the strengths and weaknesses of those solutions.

What makes Mulesoft different?

Looking at Mulesoft's setup compared to these three groups, we see some distinctive differences. Compared to the first group, in Mulesoft we see an approach known as API-Led. This includes reuse from the beginning and avoids point-to-point setup.

Compared to the second group, Mulesoft offers a very comprehensive set of connectors. This makes it possible to connect a huge set of querying and responding systems. Transformation and orchestration of data is also a strong point through the use of a very powerful transformation language.

The group of platforms has great complexity and often multiple products from one vendor are needed to provide a total solution. Mulesoft's Anypoint platform offers a total solution that incorporates all of these components. This makes it possible to complete the full development cycle. Design, implementation, test and management are provided.


Is zeker het benoemen waard als onderdeel van de sterke punten van Mulesoft. Het Anypoint platform is op alle lagen voorzien van beveiligingsmogelijkheden. Deze zijn inzetbaar binnen de ontwikkelde API’s, zoals bijvoorbeeld encryptie, maar vormen ook onderdeel van het platform zelf. Hiermee is het bijvoorbeeld mogelijk om authenticatie en autorisatie te regelen. Ook SLA-afspraken zijn te integreren in het platform.

The answer to the question

Is dus dat Mulesoft een oplossing biedt waarin aan alles gedacht is en alle fasen van de ontwikkel- en beheercyclus aan bod komen. Met een grote set aan beschikbare connectoren en een sterke eigen taal voor het transformeren en aggregeren van gegevens vormt dit een sterke partner in integratievraagstellingen binnen een organisatie. Goede beveiligingsmogelijkheden op alle lagen maken het plaatje af.