Harmony regularly organizes and sponsors interesting events. Below you can find an overview.

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Gegevensuitwisseling & samenwerking in de zorg
Webinar: dataconnectiviteit en regionale samenwerking in de zorg, hoe doet Cordaan het?
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Zorg & ict beurs
13 - 15/06/2023
Zorg & ICT beurs Utrecht
Zorg & ICT is het grootste health tech event van Nederland en dé jaarlijkse ontmoetingsplek waar zorgprofessionals leren innovaties succesvol toe te passen om zo samen te werken aan toekomstbestendige zorg. Met het hoofdthema ‘In charge of the future’ is er veel aandacht voor de hot topics ▪ artificial intelligence (AI) ▪ cybersecurity ▪ databeschikbaarheid ▪ health loT ▪ virtuele zorg ▪ zorg op afstand.

You just missed these ones....

Thursday, 27 April
End-to-End Automation with OutSystems and UiPath
Join us for an insightful session where we'll have a deep dive into the exciting partnership between OutSystems and UiPath. During the session, we will cover the fundamentals of RPA, how UiPath enables end-to-end automation, and how OutSystems low-code platform supports the development of RPA workflows. We will also dive into the benefits of the OutSystems and UiPath partnership and how it can help organizations to create intelligent automation solutions for business processes. Whether you are an OutSystems dev, RPA dev or IT professional this session is for you. Discover how the OutSystems and UiPath partnership accelerates end-to-end automation initiatives and improves efficiency. Please RSVP before 20/04 for organizational reasons.
MuleSoft & Public Sector - more with less (online event)
At the November 22 virtual MuleSoft public sector event, you'll hear how to do more with less. Use your IV capacity more efficiently and engage the business in innovation in a manageable way.
MuleSoft Innovation Day Amsterdam
MuleSoft Innovation Day Amsterdam is the leading integration event of the year bringing together thought leaders and practitioners from across IT and business.
MuleSoft security
MuleSoft & Security webinar
This online webinar will discuss security risks related to integration and how to mitigate within MuleSoft. We will zoom in on the new MuleSoft products knowing Universal API manager and API Governance.
MuleSoft Connect 2022
Let's unleash innovation, together. See how leaders like you are gaining an edge in a digital-first world.
Zorg & ICT beurs
14/06/2022 - 16/06/2022
Healthcare & ICT fair
The digital transformation to sustainable and future-proof care and a healthy society is extensive. How can we work together and secure the transformation? Get inspired during the Healthcare & ICT fair.