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Harmony is THE OutSystems partner in Belgium and the Netherlands and helps organizations with their digital transformation. OutSystems is THE low-code development platform and is THE future in application development. What will be your next step into the digital world?


Why invest in low-code?

Low-code platforms are the future in application development and allow organizations to combine stability, scalability and speed. By combining the speed of low-code platforms with the power of existing back-office systems (e.g. ERP and CRM), your organization is also able to innovate and grow. This allows organizations to focus on the future and stay ahead of the competition.

OutSystems: the low-code platform

OutSystems enables you to develop up to 5 times faster and realize value for customers and employees. With OutSystems, it is possible to quickly turn an investment into added value. By combining configuration and design with standard building blocks, we can implement simple to very complex (business) requirements in a short period of time. In short, we change the way applications are developed, from ideation to implementation.
Integration Consultant

Rapid start with Harmony: So fast so good

Organisations do not rush into buying a platform overnight. From our Rapid start with Harmony approach, we are able to implement an initial solution within a few weeks. In doing so, we show quick results and the customer experiences what the solution can offer. In five steps, we take the organisation through the journey called OutSystems, enabling us to realise value quickly.

What can you expect?

Together we map everything out based on the concrete ambitions, needs and challenges. We start with those use cases that add the most value the quickest. Subsequently, we realize in OutSystems exactly what your organization needs, based on your needs. We continue to support you from start to finish and beyond.




Outsystems free edition

Build web apps much faster

Features of Outsystems

Exceptional digital customer experience
A modern interface to implement an exceptional digital customer experience.
Modernize IT-landscape
Replace outdated, complex and expensive IT-systems with a modern and scalable platform.
Business = IT
Business is able to make adjustments quickly without IT intervention so no time is lost.
Experienced Consultants
Harmony has several OutSystems consultants with extensive experience in various markets.
Unmatched speed
Build your full-stack apps in weeks instead of months and then deploy them with just one click.
Low-code without limitations
Configure and deploy solutions with 4000+ standard components.

The digital insurer

The digital insurer is specially designed for insurers and policyholders. With the digital insurer, you give your customers access to various functionalities such as declaring damage, making a simulation, medical acceptance, contact information and much more in a clear and user-friendly way. don't stay behind and ensure a top customer experience with the digital insurer.

These organizations took the jump

Many companies took the jump towards digital transformation and called on our services to do so. Read their success stories below.

De Zorgcirkel
De Zorgcirkel
Balta Group
Balta Group
Colruyt Group


18 July 2023
Hoe personaliseer je klantcommunicatie?
Customer experience (CX) staat voor de emotionele en rationele menselijke binding die tot stand komt tussen de klant en een organisatie. CX omvat de beleving van de klant en kijkt naar de manier waarop de gehele service wordt ervaren. Ook de ervaring met diverse kanalen en contactmomenten horen daarbij. Klantcommunicatie kan gezien worden als het visitekaartje voor je organisatie. Via onze CCM in the Cloud oplossing (Customer Communication Management) kan je hier onderscheidend in zijn!
Harmony and ForTrevo
1 December 2022
Harmony and ForTrevo announce partnership
Harmony is an expert in low-code development, has a partnership with low-code platform OutSystems, and operates mainly in the Belgian, Dutch, and Brussels market. ForTrevo, also an OutSystems Partner, is an expert in low-code development and .Net based in Portugal that also operates in the autonomous Region of the Azores, and most recently Belgium, Nordics and US. Both Harmony and ForTrevo have been successfully active in low-code application development for several years. Together with this new partnership they will be joining forces in order to increase their impact on the Belgium Market.
Looking for a Management Consultant (28)
10 November 2022
5 mythes over Low-code ontkracht
Sinds het begin zijn er er heel wat misvattingen ontstaan over low-code development. Na verloop van tijd is echter niet alleen de vraag naar low-code-platforms exponentieel gestegen, maar zijn organisaties zich ook bewust geworden van de waarheid achter de misvattingen. In een snel veranderende wereld moeten organisaties innoveren of achter raken. De nood om snel te kunnen innoveren en het tekort aan ontwikkelaars heeft ervoor gezorgd dat steeds meer bedrijven gebruik maken van Low-code. Ondanks alles doen toch nog wat misvatting over Low-code onterecht de ronde.

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