Ready for the next step towards  digital transformation?

The next step towards digital transformation

With Business Next Step, we help organizations take the next step towards a more digital organization. During some short, but powerful workshops, we set out short-term tactical actions and make long-term strategic plans. Don't keep spinning in circles, but take real steps forward!

When optimizing and digitizing a process, the issues and underlying needs are not always clear. For example, how do you translate an idea into a clear vision with a clear scope, approach and roadmap? How do you avoid inefficiencies in your workflow? These issues come up in both a process optimization and specific plans such as replacing an existing software platform.

With Business Next Step, Harmony looks for specific problems, puts all noses in the same direction, and determines what actions can be taken immediately and what the long-term roadmap will look like.

The Harmony Approach

Agreed budget
The Business Next Step process is always preceded by a quotation. The customer then knows exactly what our service will cost.
Focus on Business
Harmony heeft meer dan 90 consultants die een breed spectrum van business- en IT-diensten aanbieden. Wij zijn pas tevreden wanneer de klant haar business doelstellingen haalt.
The big picture
Business Next Step fits seamlessly with the services we offer. In 4 phases we guide the client from idea to implementation.
Business Consultants
Harmony heeft meer dan 25 business consultants die actief zijn in diverse sectoren. Ons interne ecosysteem moedigt iedereen bovendien aan zijn of haar specifieke expertise met anderen te delen.
Agreed deliverables
The customer knows in advance what the output of the workshops will be, ranging from scope description, to short and long term actions.
Agreed timeframe
The planning is discussed with the customer in advance. The planning is always about weeks, not months.

These organizations took the jump

A lot of companies took the leap towards digital transformation and called on our experienced business consultants. Read their success stories below.
Colruyt Group
Colruyt Group
BNP Paribas Fortis
BNP Paribas Fortis
Reference case Social Economy
A customer from the social economy sector who was also active in green maintenance was looking for a tool to help them schedule the maintenance of equipment such as lawn mowers and the like. They were flooded with information from different suppliers but did not have a clear view on their own needs. After a few workshops, a clear RFP was issued for suppliers to bid on. The rest of the project then proceeded in a much more structured manner.
Reference case Logistics
A customer with a large logistics center had plans to implement a large-scale renovation. However, this had to be done without shutting down the current operation. Based on several workshops, the different ideas were mapped out. Eventually all stakeholders decided by consensus to roll out the chosen scenario. The fact that the scope and approach were chosen in consultation created a lot of goodwill in the organization and, in addition to the structured approach to the project, was one of the success factors.
Reference case Insurance (2)
Een klant binnen de insurance sector wenste een groot digitalisatie programma op te starten maar binnen een grote organisatie is dat niet evident, omwille van de vele stakehoders die er vaak uiteenlopende ideeën over hebben. Hier heeft Harmony geholpen om in één maand duidelijke doelstellingen en scope te bepalen met daaraan gekoppeld een roadmap die door alle stakeholders gedragen werd. Dit lag aan de basis van het succes van het verdere verloop van het programma.
Reference case Insurance (1)
A client from the Insurance sector had a huge operational backlog. In 3 workshops and at 2 weeks, we helped them to define immediate actions to solve the crisis, to improve the processes and to change the dynamics within the team. So in a very short period of time this client got a grip on the problems.
Reference case Public Transport
A major player in Public Transport in the Benelux had a project with the goal of planning large maintenance works. The project was not running smoothly and according to one party it was mainly an IT problem while the other party thought it was a business problem. In a number of workshops the needs were made clear again and it became clear to everyone what the actual goal of the project was. The scope was clearly defined again and the project was successfully continued.


Business Next Step
13 September 2022
Business Next Step case: AG Insurance
Met 3 miljoen klanten en meer dan 4000 medewerkers is AG Insurance de marktleider in de Belgische verzekeringssector. Maar liefst 1 op de 2 gezinnen is bij hen verzekerd. De samenwerking tussen Harmony en AG Insurance gaat al jaren terug. Recent deed AG Insurance ook beroep op ons Business Next Step traject. Samen met Christelle Bouhy, Head of Talent Acquisition and CHRSO Solutions bij AG Insurance, blikken we terug op dit traject en hoe zij dit heeft ervaren.
Digitale transformatie
14 July 2022
Digitale transformatie in de juridische sector: de samenwerking tussen dp-a en Harmony
De business Consultants van Harmony hebben al heel wat organisaties mogen begeleiden in hun digitale transformatie trajecten en dit in diverse sectoren. Met het digitale transformatie traject van dp-a zet Harmony ook zijn eerste stappen in de juridische sector. Een boeiend en uitdagend project. Samen met Paul Deleener, head of sales & marketing bij dp-a, blikken we terug op dit traject.
8 July 2022
Christophe Vanhorenbeeck wordt partner van Harmony business consultancy.
Met Christophe is Harmony business consultancy een partner rijker! Christophe en Harmony gaan al heel wat jaren terug. Christophe startte in 2010 als business consultant bij Harmony. In 2016 ging hij even een andere uitdaging aan maar al snel begon het te kriebelen om terug te keren. Midden 2021 zette hij de stap met het idee om mee te participeren. Het duurde dan ook niet lang voor een partnership ter sprake kwam. “Christophe is de oorspronkelijke bezieler van onze business consultancy activiteit. Dat hij nu vennoot is was voor ons dan ook een logische stap”, zegt Koen, CEO van Harmony Group.

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