Business Next Step

Business Next Step

What are you waiting for?

  • Have you been confronted with an idea/problem you can't seem to resolve?

  • Are you short of time, or lacking the right perspective to be able to clearly formulate the issue?

  • Would an outside and neutral view help you to move forward with confidence?

Get real results in 3 steps


Together we define the scope or extent of the actions to be taken; we give them a precise place in the bigger picture.


During a series of three powerful workshops, we will help you get the vision or problem clearly.

Ready to go

We provide you with a customized toolkit. Which we can work on together.

Why Business Next Step?

Agreed budget
The Business Next Step process is always preceded by a quotation. The customer then knows exactly what our service will cost.
Focus on Business
Harmony has more than 90 consultants offering a broad spectrum of business - and IT services. We are not satisfied until the business goals are achieved.
The big picture
Business Next Step fits seamlessly with the services we offer. In 4 phases we guide the client from idea to implementation.
Experienced Business Consultants
Harmony has more than 90 business consultants working in a variety of industries. Our internal ecosystem also encourages everyone to share their specific expertise with others.
Agreed deliverables
The customer knows in advance what the output of the workshops will be, ranging from scope description, to short and long term actions.
Agreed timeframe
The planning is discussed with the customer in advance. The planning is always about weeks, not months.

We are happy to help you take the next step!

AG Insurance case

De vraag om een Business Next Step traject op te starten kwam er met de insteek om zowel de candidate experience als het werk van de recruiters te verbeteren.

bpost case

One of bpost's big ambitions is to be an omnichannel organization where the right channel choices lead to an optimal customer experience. To this end, a Business Next Step process was initiated.

Download our Business Next Step leaflet

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