Caring is sharing!

What is CareConnect?

With CareConnect, Harmony provides an integration platform for healthcare based on MuleSoft's software. CareConnect enables healthcare providers to make information from all source systems available through API's in an accelerated way. On this platform, you build your own API ecosystem based on small reusable components that can be used to fulfill both the legal obligations according to the Wegiz and the internal information questions.

CareConnect: API first

Our ambition is to make available an open source repository with reusable API's:

  • System APIs in which we make the information from the source systems available in the form of a Care Information Building Block (ZIB).
  • Proces-API's waarbij wij de informatie bundelen volgens een proces (verzameling van use-cases binnen de BglZ).
  • Experience API's in which we provide the information specifically for an application: for example, an API for the PBM containing the use cases collection and sharing of the BglZ.

In control and datagovernance

Together with your information architects we look at the possibilities of translating all your system data into useful business information according to a data governance model. Whether this information model is international FHIR or a national Health Information Building Block, or your own business model. CareConnect is also the pre-eminent platform for the integration of your business-critical information.

Caring is sharing

What does this common expression really mean? It means that sharing something with another person is good for you. Because when you help someone you feel good about yourself! Especially with the corona crisis, it is important to do something good for each other. Therefore, we would like to apply this saying within CareConnect. We will therefore make all integrations developed within CareConnect available via an exchange for existing and new customers.

Features of CareConnect


Healthcare accelerator
With the Healthcare accelerator, CareConnect offers you a flying start. Based on international healthcare projects, MuleSoft has collected the best practices and processed them into templates. It contains a complete FHIR R4 Modeling, a fully detailed authentication template and multiple templates to accelerate your source system connection.
Meeting Standards
Obviously, we are going to make sure that we comply with standards. ISO 27001 / ISO 27002, NEN 7510, MedMij, BgZ, BglZ. For the MedMij certifications and the definition DienstVerlener ZorgAanbieder (DVZA), it is up to us whether you, as a healthcare provider, want to take on that role yourself or whether you would prefer us to fill in that role as a supplier.
Our architecture vision is to create a repository with reusable and easily manageable components. We use these components to build new use cases each time.
Proven Technology
The CareConnect platform is realized with top quality software: For integration, we use MuleSoft, the platform for full lifecycle API management. For patient 360 and patient engagement, we use Salesforce, a leading platform for sales, service and marketing.

24/7 ServiceDesk

The state of the art tools deserve state of the art service. Harmony provides a 24/7 ServiceDesk and this for both MuleSoft, CCM in the Cloud, OutSystems and CareConnect.

These organizations took the jump

Many companies took the jump towards digital transformation and called on our services to do so. Read their success stories below.

De Zorgcirkel
De Zorgcirkel
Samen met Cordaan op zoek naar waarde
MuleSoft on FHIR, een klantverhaal over standaarden in de zorg


Data Protection Day (10)
11 October 2022
Harmony opent nu ook een kantoor in Bosnië
Harmony groeit! Naast een kantoor in België (Hasselt) en twee kantoren in Nederland (Valkenswaard en Den Bosch) zijn we heel erg blij om aan te kondigen dat wij ook in Bosnië & Herzegovina een nieuw kantoor hebben geopend. Door de groei die Harmony de afgelopen periode heeft gekend was er nood aan extra MuleSoft capaciteit. Met het kantoor in Bosnië is Harmony een sterk team rijker om de groei verder te zetten. Onze partners Robert Daniëls en Henri Van Hoek vertellen meer over deze stap.
3 February 2022
Harmony lanceert CareConnect: het integratieplatform voor cure & care instellingen.
Caring is sharing! Een motto dat op ons lijf staat geschreven en we nu ook in een product hebben verwerkt. Harmony is al jaren gecertificeerde partner van MuleSoft en heeft al veel bedrijven mogen helpen met hun integratievraagstukken.
17 December 2021
Samen met Cordaan op zoek naar waarde
Harmony en Cordaan hebben elkaar leren kennen in 2018 en zijn sindsdien goede vrienden. Naast het feit dat het persoonlijk goed klikt tussen de stakeholders van zowel Cordaan als Harmony is het de zakelijke samenwerking die de vruchten afwerpt. De relatie is gebaseerd op vertrouwen dat we in de afgelopen 3 jaar samen hebben opgebouwd.

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