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Chiel (43) has been in the IT world for 20 years and recently made the switch from traditional programming to low-code software development with MuleSoft. He started at Harmony six months ago as an Integration Developer. Why did Chiel choose to make this transition? We sat down with him to listen to his story.

How did you end up in IT?

Chiel: "I actually owe that to my father ... I didn't exactly used to be the most motivated student and didn't really know what I wanted to do. I thought about studying economics, but my father said it wasn't for me. He then encouraged me to study IT because, according to him, I liked working with computers anyway. I immediately found it super interesting, so he was right!"

What did you do before you started working at Harmony?

Chiel: "I worked as a software engineer of an ERP package for 16 years. In this job, I coded day in and day out. I loved doing my job, but when the corporate culture started to change, I felt it was time for something new. I had also noticed in recent years that customer contact really suited me and I would like to find this again in a new job. After a while, I started to do some searching on LinkedIn for interesting jobs and that's how I ended up at Harmony's job opening."

Why did you choose Harmony?

Chiel: “Ik heb wel contacten gehad met verschillende bedrijven, maar bij Harmony had ik gewoonweg het beste gevoel. Het was best wel spannend omdat het heel lang geleden was dat ik een sollicitatiebrief moest schrijven. Voor mijn vorige baan heb ik eigenlijk niet moeten solliciteren. Ik ging er dan ook niet van uit dat het iets ging worden, maar ik kreeg al snel antwoord dat ik op gesprek mocht komen. The rest is history!

So what appealed to you about the job posting?

Chiel: "The unknown of MuleSoft appealed to me the most because I was really looking for something new. Naturally, I did some research on MuleSoft and questioned an acquaintance who also works with MuleSoft. He was very positive about it, which is all I needed to make my choice. In my previous job, I also experienced firsthand how important system integration is. I do not believe that 1 system can meet all the needs of a company, I strongly believe that decentralization of systems is the future. That is why the integration of all these different systems is so important and that can be arranged with MuleSoft. Therefore, my choice fits perfectly with my beliefs."

How have you experienced the past few months at Harmony and how was your internal training?

Chiel: "Very positive! I have been very well received by the colleagues. Harmony has a very open and friendly corporate culture, everyone supports and helps each other wherever possible. After a month of internal training, I started at my first client. That was of course quite exciting, but fun to do. The client in question was still working with a Mule3 application. The assignment was to convert it to a Mule4 application with a new API design. I ended up in a project team with both internal employees and other Harmonians. Very interesting and educational! Currently I am helping 2 different customers with their system integration."

Do you regret your transition from traditional coding to low-code?

Chiel: "No absolutely not! I have a lot more customer contact now and can really work on a concrete project at the customer's site. By the way, it's a misconception to think that by switching to low-code you leave coding completely behind. Coding does come into play. You still create software, and you have to think just as much about the architecture and how you build your software. So the thinking remains, but you don't have to type every letter of code yourself. So you work a lot faster and more efficiently."

What would you say to IT professionals who are hesitant to work with low-code?

Chiel: “Wat software ontwikkeling net leuk maakt, is het nadenken over het proces en de architectuur. Dat blijf je hebben met low-code development. Jonge IT’ers denken vaak dat ze elke letter van de code zelf moeten kunnen schrijven, maar naarmate je wat langer mee draait, you find that 'the bigger picture' and the thinking is just the most fun, anyway in my opinion When you work with low-code, you get more room for thought process, just because you don't have to write every code yourself. And again, even with low-code you can/should still write code. So I would definitely recommend it!"


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