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Harmony and ForTrevo announce partnership

Harmony and ForTrevo

Harmony is an expert in low-code development, has a partnership with low-code platform OutSystems, and operates mainly in the Belgian, Dutch, and Brussels market.

ForTrevo, also an OutSystems Partner, is an expert in low-code development and .Net based in Portugal that also operates in the autonomous Region of the Azores, and most recently Belgium, Nordics and US.

Both Harmony and ForTrevo have been successfully active in low-code application development for several years. Together with this new partnership they will be joining forces in order to increase their impact on the Belgium Market.

Match made in heaven

It’s not a surprise that Harmony and ForTrevo started this partnership, since both companies already have a lot of experience in the low-code market and share the same vision and values.

"ForTrevo is a well-known name in the Portuguese and European low-code market. They have already helped many large companies like Mercedes with their application development. Their expertise combined with Harmony's is a perfect match.” says Maarten Bruyneel, Partner at Harmony.

“ForTrevo is looking forward to growing awareness towards OutSystems and all its possibilities for the Belgium Market. With Harmony, a respected company with a proven track record in this market, we have a strong partner to achieve success.” says Olga dos Santos Duarte, CEO at ForTrevo.

The power of “ High Performance ” low-code with OutSystems

Low code has gained traction in recent years, thanks to its efficiency and many benefits, becoming an important part of the growth strategy of many companies around the world.

OutSystems has all the ingredients to support the growth strategy and build enterprise critical platforms and applications. More and more companies are expected to start using low-code in the future.

“Low-code application development is growing in Belgium but there is still some reluctance compared to other countries. With a partner like ForTrevo, we are sure that we can highlight this added value and help the Belgian companies with their application development.” Maarten says.

“In the Portuguese Market, businesses are embracing low-code as the future of app development and automation.  As a software company, using this amazing platform, we are showing the power of low-code, across borders.” Olga says.

Would you like to discover how low-code application development can help your business grow? Then don't hesitate to contact us.