Customer Communication Management

Take your digital customer communication to the next level with CCM in the Cloud.

Why Customer Communication Management?

Customers and consumers are becoming increasingly vocal and demanding when it comes to communications. For compelling reasons, everyone wants to receive personalized and tailor-made communications, for example, by mail on paper, in the mail or via Whatsapp. There is no longer one standard. If you, as a supplier, cannot meet this standard, they will go to the competitor who can.

Why connect to Customer Communication Management in the Cloud?

For many organizations, communication is a necessity: you have to communicate with your customers, but it is not the primary process. For us, digital communication is our expertise. We know what the market developments are in digital communication, we have a network of chain parties and we have the knowledge to set it up and manage it. Based on our expertise, we can set up and manage the entire digital communication process for our clients. And we do that in the cloud.

Business = Director

The business is able to develop attractive customer communications with user-friendly and ready-to-use templates that require no coding. Configure digital personalized communications. Moreover, ensure personalized, effective and digital communications in line with corporate identity. Resulting in an optimal customer experience. Without the intervention of IT..

What can you expect?

Together with you, we look at the various needs, systems and channels. We then configure CCM in the Cloud so that you can communicate optimally with your customers. You no longer have to worry about the process side of communicating. With CCM in the cloud you can also be sure that everything happens in the most secure way. With our experienced CCM consultant we are always ready when needed.

Features of

Customer Communication Management

Best of breed solution
Harmony heeft reeds meer dan 20 jaren ervaring met CCM. Door de jaren heen hebben we een architectuur ontwikkeld en daar de beste producten bij gezocht. Onze CCM in the cloud oplossing is dan ook een solide keten van bewezen oplossingen.
Chain monitoring
You can monitor the status of all your communications in real time.
In the cloud or not
Is in the cloud not a good idea because of security or legal regulations? Our solution runs perfectly on premise. Our solution can also be implemented on the customer's infrastructure without any problems.
24/7 ServiceDesk
Harmony has a 24×7 ServiceDesk that is ready to help immediately with any query.
Experienced Consultants
Harmony has more than 20 CCM consultants with extensive experience in various CCM tools and in different markets. We are one of the largest CCM companies in the Benelux.
Proven Approach
Harmony uses a proven approach for every CCM project and can fall back on years of experience in CCM for insurers, pension institutions and mortgage lenders, among others. We are not satisfied until you are.
For large and small
CCM in the Cloud can be used by both large, communication-intensive organizations, but certainly also by smaller organizations. Thanks to a transparent 'Pay-as-you-go' mechanism, CCM in the Cloud is also a flexible, cost-effective and worry-free alternative for them.
Security by Design and ISO certified

These organizations took the jump sprong

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CCM in the Cloud bij zorgverzekeraar ONVZ


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