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Als Head of Talent Acquisition and CHRSO Solutions is Christelle onder andere verantwoordelijk voor de processen binnen HR. De vraag om een Business Next Step traject op te starten kwam er dan ook met de insteek om zowel de candidate experience als het werk van de recruiters te verbeteren.

"Before we started the process, I did have an idea of what I wanted to tackle. I had noticed that our Talent Acquisition team was spending a fair amount of time screening resumes. I wanted to explore whether an AI solution could help with this. After initial discussions with Harmony, they advised us to take a broader approach, which we did," Christelle says.


amen met het HR team werd er gekeken naar hoe we het traject het beste konden aanvatten. Het traject zelf bestond uit twee halve dagen waarbij er voorgaand aan elke workshop duidelijk werd gemaakt welke topics aan bod gingen komen.

"During the first workshop we uncovered as many 'problems' or 'issues' as possible and first categorized them according to certain criteria. Harmony said that after the first workshop, no concrete solutions emerged and that this is normal. Even though it may seem that not much was achieved that day, it is very important to bring those pain points clearly to the fore and then look for appropriate solutions.

Na de eerste workshop is er dan een debriefing om te evalueren en de aanpak en inhoud van tweede workshop aan te passen in functie van de resultaten van de 1e workshop. “Hoewel de opzet van de tweede workshop vastligt is er toch nog ruimte voor ‘maatwerk’ en dat is wel fijn.”

In the second workshop, we then started working on those pain points taking into account the candidate journey and recruiter journey. We then looked for all possible solutions and actions for those pain points.

Using a variety of workshop techniques and exercises, based in part on design thinking methods, the HR team was shown a mirror that caused them to step out of their "comfort zone.

What I also found important was that the team was on board with what we wanted to achieve and that they could cooperate in a safe environment and without judgement. Apart from the strategic exercise, it was also a team-building moment where you notice how close the team is and how well they can work together," Christelle said.

Business Next Step

"The Business Next Step process has given us a lot of useful insights that we can put to work in concrete terms. Among other things, we came to the conclusion that candidate data often has to be entered into multiple systems because they do not communicate well with each other. We also found that the recruiter loses a lot of time writing reports after job interviews, more so than screening resumes. We now have a clear picture of the pain points and have concrete tools to tackle them and have already effectively started," Christelle concludes.

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With Business Next Step, we help organizations take a concrete next step toward a more digital organization. During a few short but powerful workshops, we set out short-term tactical actions and make long-term strategic plans. Don't keep going in circles, but take a real step forward!