Software integration is becoming more important than ever! Companies continue to invest in IT solutions and applications, but how are they connected? This is where we integration specialists come in. Find out here why you should choose a career in software integration!

Why working in software integration is so much fun

  • Because as a developer you don't have to limit yourself to one system or programming language, but rather you can learn from many different things.

  • Because you can explore different companies and contexts and learn how their IT landscape is structured.

  • Because you get to work with the most modern integration platform MuleSoft. Thanks to this low code platform, you will experience the fun of programming, but in a more efficient way.

  • Because you focus more on the bigger picture than the details.

  • Omdat je graag wilt bijdragen aan een efficiëntere IT-wereld waarin informatie op een vlotte manier wordt uitgewisseld.

Why MuleSoft is the best integration platform

"MuleSoft offers a solution that thinks of everything and addresses all phases of the development and management cycle," says colleague Raymond Veltrop, senior developer/architect at Harmony.

Building a future-proof career

  • You will build software that allows different systems to communicate with each other, which is an important skill in today's complex technology landscape.

  • You ensure that an organization stays connected when new technologies and applications are introduced.

  • You become a specialist in an API-driven approach to integration, and that's just what many organizations are growing toward.

  • As an integration specialist, there are many career opportunities: to senior developer or architect, or do you want to work more closely with the business as a functional consultant, ... A lot is possible, all depending on your talents and ambitions!

Try out MuleSoft for yourself!

Chiel took the plunge

Chiel talks about his switch from traditional programming to low-code. Find out why he made the move and why he would recommend it to anyone.


A project highlighted

Thomas has been an integration specialist at Harmony for many years and has been able to help many customers. He tells more about his project and tasks.

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