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Business Next Step case: GZA ziekenhuizen

Business Next Step case: bpost


bpost is Belgium's leading postal company and a growing partner for parcel and omni-commercial logistics in Europe, North America and Asia. Their 36,000 employees in Belgium and worldwide connect consumers, businesses and governments by delivering mail and parcels to homes and providing e-commerce logistics services. bpost came to Harmony with some concrete questions that resulted in a Business Next Step trajectory. Together with Helena Campens, Digital Strategy & Transformation Manager at bpost, we look back on this trajectory.

Customer experience

As Digital Strategy & Transformation Manager, Helena is associated with the department that is the bridge between digital technology and business. One of bpost's big ambitions is to be an omnichannel organization where the right channel choices lead to optimal customer experience. With this in mind, bpost contacted us.

"In a large organization like bpost, it's important that all departments cooperate efficiently and reinforce each other. A bpost customer can come into contact with us in many different ways and through various channels. Precisely because of these many touchpoints, an interdepartmental cooperation and omnichannel approach is very important to achieve a good customer experience," Helena says.

Omnichannel and digitalization also go hand in hand for Sébastien Scarmure, lead Digital & Agile Transformation. "The omnichannel strategy must lead to the right mix of customer experience and cost efficiency," said Sébastien Scarmuse.

Guiding principles and omnichannel roadmap

Harmony was asked to provide two results. One clear set of guiding principles and a product/channel matrix, which bpost can then use to make concrete choices and should help them make the omnichannel roadmap To do so Harmony suggested a "Business Next Step trajectory.

"A Business Next Step trajectory means that in a limited number of workshops we deliver a qualitative result for the client, with pragmatic insights and clear recommendations for the next steps, which a client can then implement on its own, or with Harmony's support. Our intention is to create value for our client very quickly with a focused approach," says Christophe Vanhorenbeeck, partner at Harmony Group business consultancy.

"As an external party, Harmony had a neutral position that also allowed them to challenge us. Each business unit was treated in the same way by Harmony and seen as an important link in the organization. The omnichannel knowledge Harmony brings is a great added value," Helena said.


"We were aware that our questions were big to address in two workshops, yet Harmony managed to respect bpost's request and work towards a realizable outcome. I also felt that Harmony's consultants were really motivated to work with us to achieve a successful outcome," Helena concludes.


Would you also like to discover how a Business Next Step trajectory can help your business? Then feel free to contact us .

With Business Next Step, we help organizations take a concrete next step toward a more digital organization. During a few short but powerful workshops, we set out short-term tactical actions and make long-term strategic plans. Don't keep going in circles, but take a real step forward!