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9 February 2024
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Cosulting’s recipe for personal success

Growing and evolving as a person is not going all by itself. It could be compared to a little seed that wants to evolve to a beautiful tree. Very vulnerable, the seed needs a fertile soil, the right nutrients, protection and support if its growth is in danger.


Within Harmony Cosulting, we realize that if we want our people to evolve and grow, they will need support, care, time and a safe environment. That is why we have created a unique supporting mechanism, which provides full focus on every individual and their very own development.

Most companies work with coaches that are assigned to people. So do we. However, our uniqueness is in the fact that we don’t offer standard development paths. Every person within Cosulting can choose their own ambitions, goals and skills to work on and how to evolve as a professional. This personalised approach does not make use of checkboxes, standard career patches or lists of skills that are applicable to all. With Harmony Cosulting it is you who defines what you want to work on and together with your coach you will determine how to do so.

As a COsultant, you are really the owner of your personal development, but always supported by a professional and experienced coach that will challenge, nurture and guide you.

Curious what this could hold for you? Contact us and we’ll be happy to show you. We’re looking forward to it!