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9 February 2024
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29 November 2023
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15 September 2023
Na 6 maanden Harmony blikt Young Graduate Lisa terug

About Harmony’s growth and prosperity

Cosulting is based on 3 pillars: ‘Business Development & Marketing’, ‘Delivering Expertise’ and ‘People’. Specific tasks, that need to be completed next to our job at the client, are delivered within this structure.


A house built on 3 pillars

Each pillar holds a specific responsibility, as can be deduced from their names. For instance, the people in the ‘Delivering Expertise’ pillar work on new solution offerings and they update the existing ones. The deliverers are keen to discover new market trends and the cross value it might have for other markets. The delivering team shares its findings and insights amongst all Cosulting colleagues.

The ‘Business Development & Marketing’ pillar works on the branding of and the communication by COsulting. They are responsible for a wide range of tasks going from the creation of a new elevator pitch to the design of new branding material and even a new website. The BDM team grasps every opportunity to put Harmony Cosulting on the map.

The ‘People’ pillar is responsible for Cosulting’s most important asset: our people. Harmony Group gives its people the space and the incentives to organize fun activities and gatherings amongst colleagues. Via this pillar, our fun afterwork ‘Harmony Thirstday’ got introduced. ‘People’ pillar members are also busy designing a recruitment battle plan, in order to attract more high performing colleagues.

Next to those three pillars, our company has an ‘editors council’ to actively manage COsulting communications. The four-headed team delivers relevant content for every communication channel of Harmony Group. Via articles, blog posts, linkedin posts etc they keep our current and potential clients, but also our applicants, up to date about the ins and outs of COsulting.


We are building a house, not walls

Every COsulting colleague can choose to become a member of a certain pillar, at any point in time. The results and the work done within these pillars are of course shared with all COsulting colleagues, so that every colleague is aware of all existing and new initiatives. The heads-up for every pillar is usually given at the Harmony team meeting, where work & fun are combined in our Harmony Café. At Harmony Cosulting we explicitly hold a strong team spirit, because we know that we can only write a next chapter in our growth story if we go all-in, together.