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Harmony Cosulting: about the success of a great organisation model

On October 16 we sent Olivia, Kris and Maarten to the Vlerick October Fair. Armed with Cosulting flyers, frog gadgets and tons of enthusiasm, they started a conversation with interested students. Time for a look behind the scenes!


A lot of attention for our innovative and personal approach

First of all, we were looking forward to recruiting some new colleagues, but we were also particularly curious to see whether our story and organization model would catch on with the latest generation of young graduates.

How did our boys and girl experience the fair? Kris: “We were the only growth company in the main hall among all large companies. Of course, students were spontaneously drawn towards these big corporates, which made it slightly more difficult for a smaller player like Harmony to stand out. Nevertheless, students did find their way to our stand and it was even striking that so many visitors to the exhibition were genuinely interested in our model. Very specific questions were asked, for example about our focus on innovation and the personal approach that we preach. So, at the end of the day we could only conclude that it had been interestingly intense. ”


Harmony’s coaching model is a hit

Since our last participation in the October Fair, a lot has changed within Harmony. Maarten: “We have set up a professional coaching model that focuses on personal development. Because every growth path is unique, we provide tailor-made coaching. In this way our colleagues can shape their career according to their own interests and ambitions. At the October Fair we noticed that this specific approach could definitely raise enthusiasm with the students.”


Coming home

For Olivia this year’s fair was extra special. She already participated in a previous Vlerick October Fair, albeit as a student. “For me personally, the job fair felt like coming home; I still know a lot of people here at Vlerick. The conversations with the students also reminded me of my first conversation with Harmony at the fair two years ago. The Harmony culture and their projects convinced me to choose for Harmony then.”


See you next year?

Being present at job fairs is gradually becoming a tradition at Harmony. Will we be present again next year? Who knows? What we have already learned is what the key factors are: a good story, cool projects at interesting companies and an organization model that focuses on the personal motivation and ambitions of the employee.


Were you not able to be there yourself? No worries, you can still find our vacancy for young graduates here. As you can see, there is really no reason to wait for the next job fair!

Contact Olivia, Kris or Maarten today if you want to find out more about working at Harmony Cosulting.